18 Jun
BA - Asia Pacific Championships
Date 18.06.19 - 28.06.19
28 Jun
2 Bowl Triples - Coolangatta BC
Date 28.06.19 - 29.06.19
4 Jul

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Phone: 02 6766 1987
7 Jul
Contact: Jean Wisby 0402 141 472
8 Jul
Contact Clubs
8 Jul
Open 4's - Hastings BC
Date 08.07.19 - 09.07.19
Contact: Mick Morgan 0477 481 951
8 Jul
U18 Development Squad Day (TBA)
Date 08.07.19 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Bowls Business has been operating as a service bringing stories from across the Internet using Blogger, Google Calendar, Twitter and Facebook as a place for Lawn Bowlers to read the stories about Lawn Bowlers from top level to club level. Blogger provided a space to add all of the content together so that bowlers could find links to whatever they were looking for in regards to Lawn Bowls.

National Calendar

Clubs can use the Calendar so that all tournaments that are listed can be seen under the one umbrella so to speak, and identify clashes with other tournaments and make adjustments to dates where possible to gain a better chance of capturing more players to participate in their event/tournament.

There is no cost or management required by clubs to have their syllabus/tournaments entered into the calendar, Bowls Business will manage this as part of our service to help promote Lawn Bowls competitions. The only requirement for clubs is to supply us with the dates and let us know if dates change, or events are cancelled, as we know these things happen within clubs for many reasons.

Online Store

Our online store is available to anyone in Australia who would like to make purchases with us. We offer free delivery through our Courier service to your door for purchases within the Melbourne Metropolitian area. All other purchases will require freight charges to be added.

Where products are not in stock with us due to size requirement/colour etc., there may be a delay until received from the manufacturers for the delivery, we will get in touch with you to advise of any expected delays should this occur.


Bowls Business is located in Victoria, in the suburb of Beaconsfield (Beacy) which is in the South East of Melbourne. We don't have a 'bricks and mortar store' as we, come to you, with the stock. But, if you are in urgent need of items and you are in Beacy or passing through, give us a call.